About Rare Diamonds

We are a Non-Profit Organization and your One-Stop Shop to all things in the Arts. Founded in 2014, we stand on the idea every aspiring artist should be afforded the opportunity to learn their craft without being overburdened financially. We welcome all talented performing artists of all ages. We want to help you help yourselves. At Rare Diamonds Performing Arts Studio Inc., our mission is to cultivate talent, hone skilled, and provide hands-on experience in the performing arts industry. Through training in vocal, theater, dance and photography, we want to push our artists to the next level of greatness. We want to prepare our performing artist for stardom.

We know that investing in your dreams and aspirations or those of your loved ones can become costly. We are proud to say that we offer FREE classes for those interested in performance and production of vocal, dance and theater.

We actively work  productions providing real-world professional experience. Dinner theater, concerts, and full stage play productions are integral part of the Rare Diamonds program.  We also provide training in Professional Development to ensure you are prepared.  We assist with auditions, public speaking, and basic entertainment business readiness.  Rare Diamonds Performing Arts Studio is your support system for success.

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Our Mission

The mission of Rare Diamonds Performing Arts Studio is to deliver high-quality theater, dance, and music training to Jacksonville. We work to develop and promote dance, stagecraft, and musicianship in all areas of entertainment. Our mission is to nurture and develop the skills of aspiring artists. We strive to foster creative thinking to express the experiences of life through art.